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Our content is aligned with multiple CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) computer science standards, ensuring ease of use and instilling confidence in its continued alignment with the curriculum.

Introduction to App Development

1A-CS-01Select and operate appropriate software to perform a variety of tasks.The document introduces using specific software tools (e.g., Figma) for app development tasks, aligning with selecting and operating software for different tasks.
1A-CS-03Describe basic hardware and software problems using accurate terminology.Sections on app development processes likely include troubleshooting software issues, emphasizing accurate terminology to describe problems.
1A-AP-10Develop programs with sequences and simple loops, to express ideas or address a problem.Implicit teaching about creating sequences (app development steps) and loops (design and testing phases), correlating with programming structures to solve problems.
1A-DA-05Store, copy, search, retrieve, modify, and delete information using a computing device.App development involves data manipulation, such as user input and app content, aligning with data management skills emphasized in this standard.
1A-NI-04Explain what passwords are and why we use them, and use strong passwords to protect devices and information.Security, a crucial aspect of app development covered in the document, includes understanding the role of passwords and secure access.