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Welcome to Tech For Everyone

Why Use This

Discover the transformative power of our web application designed to teach young students essential tech skills, providing them with a significant head start for future tech jobs. By fostering early tech literacy, the platform equips students with the foundational knowledge needed in our rapidly evolving digital landscape. Moreover, our commitment to increasing diversity in the tech field is reflected in an inclusive and accessible learning environment, encouraging students from all backgrounds to explore and excel in technology. The application engages students through a user-friendly interface, gamified elements, and hands-on activities, making the learning of tech skills enjoyable and motivating. Educators benefit from comprehensive resources, pre-made lesson plans, and a supportive community to guide students effectively. With a focus on real-world application and continuous learning, our platform ensures that students not only grasp theoretical concepts but also understand their practical relevance, preparing them for a future that demands adaptability and a commitment to lifelong learning.



Offline Capabilitiess

Covid-19 showed that many student didn’t have realiable internet access so we have worked to make as much of the site as available offline as possible

Premade Resources

Save time and enhance lesson plans with premade resources such as review questions, knowledge checks, and vocabulary in formats such as Kahoots, Quizlets, and Google Forms

Eco Friendly

Foster an eco-friendly learning environment by reducing reliance on printed materials. Students can access all necessary resources digitally, contributing to a greener future.

Audio Recordings

Each section has a set of audio recordings to support auditory learners and enhance the learning experience by providing alternative formats, allowing students to reinforce their understanding through listening.


The search feature allows students to quickly uickly locate specific topics, resources, or content, promoting efficiency in their learning journey.

Coming Soon

MacBook and Chrombook Lessons

Physical Text Book


AI Chatbot Helper

Computer Check Out

Who Is This For





Cyber Security

Grapic Design

Web Design

Game Development

App Development