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Our content is aligned with multiple CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) computer science standards, ensuring ease of use and instilling confidence in its continued alignment with the curriculum.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  1. 1A-CS-01: The document provides a foundation in AI which can help students recognize different software applications (AI-driven) to perform tasks, aligning with selecting and operating appropriate softwar
  2. 1A-CS-02: Although the document may not directly address common physical components of computing systems, understanding AI’s hardware dependencies for tasks like data processing and machine learning could loosely align with this standar
  3. 1A-CS-03: Describing basic hardware and software problems in AI contexts (e.g., data biases, algorithm errors) could align with this standard by using accurate terminology related to AI challenge
  4. 1A-NI-04: The ethical considerations around AI discussed in the document align with understanding the importance of passwords and security measures to protect data and information, highlighting the significance of cybersecurity in A
  5. 1A-DA-05 to 1A-DA-07: These standards focus on data management and visualization, directly aligning with AI’s core aspects of handling, analyzing, and learning from data to make predictions or decision
  6. 1A-AP-08 to 1A-AP-11: The computational thinking involved in AI, such as creating algorithms and developing programs that learn from data, aligns with modeling daily processes and decomposing steps to solve problem
  7. 1A-IC-16 to 1A-IC-18: Discussing AI’s role in society, including its historical development and impact on modern life, aligns with comparing life before and after new technology and understanding responsible online behavio
  8. 2-CS-01 to 2-CS-03: For older students, the document’s content on AI’s design and impact suggests critical thinking about improving computing devices and troubleshooting, which aligns with these standard
  9. 3A-DA-09 to 3A-DA-12: At a high level, translating real-world phenomena into data representations and creating computational models as discussed in AI applications align with these advanced data analysis standard
  10. 3B-AP-08 to 3B-AP-10: The document’s exploration of AI algorithms and their applications in games and problem-solving corresponds with implementing AI to address computational problems and understanding classic algorithm